Best Natural Antibiotics in Autumn and Winter

Are you getting a cold or are you around the people who are currently sick?? Well...luckily for us in the northern hemisphere who are faced with the cold months either approaching or already here, we can face to nature. I'm such a big advocate for eating what's in season, because I believe the produce that are available in each season are meant to be eaten when they are grown. They have the most nutritional value and flavor. Also they do your body good!! These produce grow in the cold months, because Mother Nature wants you to be protected!! Don't go to antibiotics devoid of nutrients, eat real food and stay protected.

Incorporate these foods into your diet daily and keep your immunity high.

➡️GARLIC: Raw garlic when crushed or chewed contains a compound called allicin – which has similar properties to penicillin. This superfood member of the onion family is antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal, and antioxidant (mopping up free radicals that have been proven to cause cancer).

➡️Onion: my favorite veggie!! Did you know leaving cut onions in the room of the person who is sick, absorbs their t