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I PASSED my RD exam! I am a Registered Dietitian!!

Oh my God! I now have two credentials after my name: MPH, RDN.

I can't still believe that I passed such a rigorous and difficult standardized exam, and one which encompassed a variety of different topics, requiring me to remember such minute details on random facts.

The preparation that took place and all those hours of studying, were all very stressful to me. I studied for months and I have come up with some of the best guidelines and materials that have helped me pass.

The actual exam is VERY ambiguous and difficult on its own, because it is a live test and it begins to realize who you are and what your weaknesses are, giving you a series of questions based on your knowledge. If you miss a question, the exam gives you a similar question to see whether you actually know the material. Although the exam is hard, it is not impossible, and there is a "method to the madness", and that is why I decided to tutor students for the RD exam in a private setting.

If you are a Dietetic student, I would love to help you pass, so be sure to message me, also check out the pointers below, on the tips that actually helped me in my journey to pass the RD exam.

1. The Inman review plus audio recordings

I own the 2018 PDF version as well as the MP3 audio recordings which I provide for free to the clients that I tutor. I found the Jean Inman review very brief and inadequate in certain areas. In my opinion, the information was very disorganized as well, but the audio recordings did help me as I was reading to follow along.

2. Krause PDF on food and nutrition

I own the 2014 edition PDF version as well, which I will provide for free to the clients that I tutor. I really loved this book, and it really helped me understand the pathophysiology of disease and the medical nutrition therapy specific to that said disease. I found the Krause book to enhance Inman for me, and a very crucial part of my comprehension of the subjects mentioned very briefly on Inman.

3. RD Secrets

This source was not as helpful to me as Krause was. It was very brief in its own way and just summarized the key points in which Inman reviewed.

4. Breeding and Associates exam questions

I did find this material very useful actually. The many different sections with domain-specific questions, as well as providing a rationale was indeed very helpful to me.

I also sell my copy and can provide for free to those I tutor.

5. Visual veggies app

The app was worth $80 which was way more affordable than the software at $200. I had used a friend of mine's software before and felt that the app was very similar, AND had all the important tabs that I needed: questions and rationals. The software comes with a map that tells you who, where is studying and using the software, and to be quiet honest, I really don't care about that. The app and software both give you an overall graph of how you're doing in terms of grading, and which domain is your weakest or strongest...and I found that to be great.

6. Pocket Prep app

This was GREAT! There is a free version which is very limited. It gives you a Question of The Day along with the rationale and I believe a handful of questions that are available in the free version. I recommend that you spend about $30 and get the unlimited version, which comes with 650 questions and rationals. What I really liked about this particular app is that I could choose the specific domain that I wanted to quiz myself on, and choose up to 100 questions from the question-bank, and see what grade I received at the end, go back to that question, bookmark it and study it again.

7. Eat Right Prep

Well...this is a CDR-related material, and I found the exams to be very difficult. There were concepts I had never heard off, BUT I liked how the exams had practice options, and I also enjoyed reading the rationals to the questions. There is a free 3-day trial using "EatPrepStu" if you are interested.

8. Memotrix exam

The RD exam is 125 or 145 questions. One of the best ways you can prepare to take such a long and difficult exam is to prepare yourself with "mock exams", and to me the Mometrix exam was the best example of this mock exam! It had 125 questions ranging from easy to hard, from different domains. If you get an 80% on this exam, I think you are well enough and you are ready to take the exam! I do have my PDF copy for those interested.

Other tips:

1. Study all day every day, as much as you can. Consistency is key and if you are continuously studying, you will not forget the material and you will succeed.

2. Practice questions are your best friend. Like I mentioned, do as many practice questions and mock exams as you can. This will prepare you the best for the length and stamina you need to endure on the actual exam.

3. Stay calm! If you fail, it is ok! You can take the exam again in 6 weeks and you will pass, if you study and understand the material. I took the exam more than once, this is why I believe there is a "method to the madness" and it is important HOW you study. If you have failed the exam, first know that you are not alone. Second, there is help out there for you. Please use it!

Andishe Farahmand, MPH RDN


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