I PASSED my RD exam! I am a Registered Dietitian!!

Oh my God! I now have two credentials after my name: MPH, RDN.

I can't still believe that I passed such a rigorous and difficult standardized exam, and one which encompassed a variety of different topics, requiring me to remember such minute details on random facts.

The preparation that took place and all those hours of studying, were all very stressful to me. I studied for months and I have come up with some of the best guidelines and materials that have helped me pass.

The actual exam is VERY ambiguous and difficult on its own, because it is a live test and it begins to realize who you are and what your weaknesses are, giving you a series of questions based on your knowledge. If you miss a question, the exam gives you a similar question to see whether you actually know the material. Although the exam is hard, it is not impossible, and there is a "method to the madness", and that is why I decided to tutor students for the RD exam in a private setting.

If you are a Dietetic student, I would love to help you pass, so be sure to message me, also check out the pointers below, on the tips that actually helped me in my journey to pass the RD exam.

1. The Inman review plus audio recordings

I own the 2018 PDF version as well as the MP3 audio recordings which I provide for free to the clients that I tutor. I found the Jean Inman review very brief and inadequate in certain areas. In my opinion, the information was very disorganized as well, but the audio recordings did help me as I was reading to follow along.

2. Krause PDF on