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What happens in the gut, does NOT stay in the gut! Why I wrote my cookbook...

What happens in the gut does NOT stay in the gut.

It's fascinating that in the 3rd century where science was not advanced enough, a man who we all know as Hippocrates (a Greek physician), discovered some of the most amazing and useful theories, we now have just understood!

I mean "let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food", "walking is man's best medicine", as well as "all disease begins in the gut"...these are what we NOW have learned and realized how important walking, food, and eating healthfully is.

People ask me everyday why I want to be a dietician, and the reason is so simple. I like disease prevention- and most disease (especially chronic) are linked to nutrition and bad choices! I want to prevent that.

This is so important to me, that I wrote a whole cookbook on healing, good gut bacteria promoting, and anti-aging recipes. Oh for anyone interested it is 50% off currently with promo code ✨"Friday" ✨ Here are 2 samples: Healing Turmeric Hummus and The Buddha Bowel Pad Thai - you will realize my recipes include which season to consume, what ingrednnets must be purchased organically and what health and beauty benefits each recipe has:

Anyways food is so important and there is a second brain in the gut. The food choices you make today, determine your health and well being in the future. There are 2 key mechanisms that lead to brain degeneration:

1️⃣Chronic inflammation and 2️⃣action of free radicles...

This is why almost all my recipes in the cookbook use anti-inflammatory substances like turmeric, ginger and garlic, as well as anti-oxidants than fight free radicles, keeping you young and beautiful and boosting your immunity, decreasing the chance of sickness. . Inflammation causes your body to "rust" because gut bacteria (via how you eat) influences your health and overall well being. The more inflammation in your system, the more chance for disease!

Chronic inflammation and free radicle damage lie front and center in neuroscience BUT only diet can "fix" and manage this.

Now in the 19th century, the Russian born biologist Elie Mechnikov made the stunning direct link between human longevity and a healthy balance of bacteria in the body, confirming that "death begins in the colon" - when you think about this, more than 90% of all human disease can be traced back to an unhealthy gut, which is mostly caused by a bad diet.

So yes, what happens in the gut does not stay in the gut, This is why you should eat foods that promote gut0healing properties, have anti-oxidants, are anti0inflammatory and above all you should strive to eat fermented foods that promote a good gut bacteria.

Don't forget code "Friday" to get 50% off. It also works for the "Beauty bundle" with 30% off.


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