Diet soda makes you fat?

I will never stop posting about the dangers of artificial sweeteners. These lab made products belong in the lab, not in your food.

Artificial sweeteners like Splenda, Sweet'N Low and Equal desensitize the taste buds, by providing a sweet taste without the calories. They trick your taste buds and NOT your brain.

1/3 of Americans will be obese by 2050 and almost 36% of Americans are currently obese. As a dietician in training, this is a HUGE issue for me, and one that needs an immediate attention and intervention.

More and more people will die of metabolic syndrome and heart related problems, chronic disease that CAN BE prevented, yet do not do anything to solve their health issues, nor show any interests. Most people are not interested to change, because there is a lack of eduction, one that celebrates and advocates unhealthy eating.