A 20-minute nap is a power booster to your psyche and overall health

Have you ever taken a nap during the day and wake up feeling more refreshed? If we look at different cultures, many countries actually welcome and impose a time of day dedicated to sleeping.

Spaniards have the concept of "Siesta" a short nap in the afternoon - most commonly after the lunch meal. In Japan, the Japanese have the concept of "Inemuri" which literally translates to "to be asleep while present". Japan is really big on the idea of sleeping on the job...without getting fired! If you thought this was crazy, in Italy, businesses, public venues, and even churches close from 12-2 pm so that employees can go home and snooze off, a concept called "riposo". How about China, where napping is an actual constitutional right, and you can expect workers to take a nap for an hour after lunch!

In all actuality, all you need is a good 20 minutes of a power nap, in the afternoon for a "pick me up". I am Iranian, and even in my culture there is an expression that says "you must sleep after lunch, and you must walk after dinner"!

This idea of a power nap boosting your mental psyche and health has been proven by a body of research. Dr. Sara Mednick is at the forefront of this research and her published writing on this subject has been so fascinating to me.