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Proper Pooping Position

In Middle East and Asian countries and parts of Africa, the proper toilet is one that you squat down and eliminate into a hole. Growing up in the Middle East, I refused to use these types of bathrooms, but now that I know the wonderful health benefits associated with it, I am proud that I know about it, and can inform others.

Our bodies are meant to eliminate at a 35 degrees, because if you look at the anatomical position of the colon's end (rectum), it curves & when we sit on the toilet, we are basically obscuring the angle of elimination.

Now you don't have the toilet of the Middle East, you can simply use a stepping stool, to improve your stool elimination, because placing the stool under your feet, actually fixes the position, as if you're squatting, leading to healthy elimination of the stool.

With this proper position you can eliminate more of the stool that sits in your gut, which is important because the longer the stool sits in your gut, the higher the chance of the toxins to recirculate into your bloodstream. Leaky gut? This may be a big component. So stay tuned for more digestive posts :)


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