Keeva Bath Bombs (Review)

On September 9th, I finally took a bath. It was the first this year, and my ever burning desire to sit in a space filled with water, was finally fulfilled. The reason why I stopped taking baths, was because I had given up on the idea of finding a bath bomb that was cruelty free, and free of all toxic ingredients, which the conventional and known brands contain.

Ever since becoming vegan, and switching out my beauty products to more natural sources, I decided to not buy/use any products which were not clean and cruelty free.

I was so excited to have found Keeva's vegan and organic bath bombs, a whole box that comes with 8 bath bombs, featuring essences of lavender, jasmine, eucalyptus, vanilla, sandalwood, grapefruit, rose, and shea butter. What I also like is the fact that these names are correlated with how they can help you:

Lavender to "de stress"

Jasmine to "recharge"

Eucalyptus to "breathe"

Sandalwood to "soften"

Grapefruit / "sunshine"

Rose, a way to "floral escape"

Shea butter to "moisturize"

Vanilla as "dessert"

Feeling the stress that I